• Go Rogue bookends Shameless Season 6

    After opening season 6 of Showtime's Shameless with Goldishack's 'Take Me Home', we're proud to have been featured on the show again last night in the season finale with Mike Errico's 'No Sleep Tonight'! Both tracks can be found on our Smoke and Whiskey album. If you missed the finale, it'll be re-airing all week on Showtime or you can stream it on their website.

  • 'Neon Dream' Out Now!

    Presenting Neon Dream - the latest compilation from Go Rogue Records!

    Produced by Rob Reale, Isaac Carpenter and Goldi, Neon Dream is our most ambitious release to date. Continuing with the Go Rogue Records tradition of collaboration, Neon Dream was co-produced by Rob Reale, Isaac Carpenter and Goldi, with contributions from various artists lending the album a range within its unifying synthetic fantasy aesthetic.

    We'll let the music speak for itself from here. We hope you like what you hear and stay tuned! Next week the album will be available for purchase on iTunes, we'll be dropping the very cool (if we do say so ourselves) 'Throw The Game' music video and later... Neon Dream II. That's all we'll say for now!


  • NEW Single From 'Neon Dream' Out Now!

    The first track from the latest label compilation from Go Rogue Records, Neon Dream, is now here! "Throw The Game" from Sky vs. Heath (singer Zoe Sky Jordan and drummer/producer Isaac Heath Carpenter) is gratifying, energetic modern pop and frankly, we feel it's the best way to introduce you to the sound world of Neon Dream, out Friday February 19. And keep an eye out for the music video too!

  • "When You Gonna Give Up" premieres

    The Moon Chambers are back at it again with "When You Gonna Give Up"! The track got its exclusive premiere on Ear To The Ground last week, just days before it reached thousands of living rooms across America as it rang out as the new theme song for lifestyle show "1st Look". Hear it for yourself - 1st Look airs Saturday nights on NBC after SNL!